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Cool-Shot – Performance Enhancer for AC/R Systems 4011

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What is it? Cool-Shot is a synthetic catalyst that can improve the efficiency of AC/R Systems. How does it work? COOL-SHOT is composed of two catalysts and a lubricating agent which enable the AC/R systems to eliminate the problem of oil-fouling and to bring the performance back at maximum efficiency. What Are We Talking About? Throughout the years, some oil remains settle on the walls of the refrigerant and air conditioning units. These stratifications obstruct the heat exchange process by isolating the refrigerant gas and reducing the plant performances. This phenomenon causes an unavoidable decrease of the service and a consequent increase in maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. ERRECOM has designed this product to fight and solve the problem of oil fouling within air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and to bring the performance back at maximum efficiency. Benefits: 1- Restores the cooling capacity of vehicle A/C systems back to it’s original conditions. 2- Delivers colder vent air (approx 2-3 °C) faster. 3- Increases of 54% the lubricity of compressor oil. 4- Reduces compressor friction, with a consequent decrease of vibration and noise. 5- Extends compressor life by 20-50%. 6- Reduces carbon monoxide emissions.